69 Degreez

What is 69 Degreez?


A late 1990's / early 2000's boy band - popular during the 'free napster' era - best known for their remixes of trendy pop and hiphop tracks.

Cuts of note include the N'Sync - 'Bye, Bye, Bye' rework titled 'Spread Your Thighs', and the Hot Boys - 'I Need a Hot Girl' revamp called 'We Need a Squad Bitch'.

Group members included Logan "Tommy Lee" DeNaar, Skoal Dirty Bastard, Ice Pube, and Norass aka Schmelvis. This group was also rumoured to be connected with a crew simply known as 'The Squad' and two rival streetball gangs called 'The Millbrook Connection' and 'Peterboroughy'.

This group has remained on hiatus since 2001.

I was tapping this chick in the back seat of my parents Le Sabre at the zoo while we were listening to 69 Degreez.

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