What is 207?


a boner-its 207 because there is 206 bones in your body and when a guy gets a boner its like there is another bone,so that makes 207

he tried to hide his 207 when he saw the girl he liked but everyone saw

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The 3-way version of the famous '69'.

69 X 3 = 207

Guy 1: I'm bored.

Guy 2: We should do a 207.

Guy 1: What's a 207?

Guy 3: It's where we all sit in a circle and we suck the dick of the guy to the right.

Guy 1: Ooh, sounds splendid!

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A bus route you are likely to get your phone jacked on!

"My bredrin got his phone jacked on da 207 blood!"

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The baddest of all bad ass gangs.

--> Represent...

Those 207 boys just fucked me up for my wicked new cell-phone, DANG!!

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