What is 211?


robbery. police code

211 in progress


Three-digit code used by police to identify a robbery. Not nearly as popular among early 90s West Coast gangster rappers as 187, which was used by the LAPD to identify a homicide.

"Tried to set me up for a two-eleven, turned around and got caught up in a one-eight-seven." -Dr. Dre, "Let Me Ride"


The mideval symbol for steel, used to signify Steel Reserve high gravity lager, usually served in the 40 oz variety. This shit gets you drunk.

"i took a 211 to the face and blacked out son."

"yo, lets go schmob on some 211s."


a steel reserved beer that will get you fucked the fuck up in July. Hit about four bowls and drink the 211? You'll be cross-faded for hours. It's called poor man's beer out here but the one's that drink it know that just because you can buy it cheap don't mean it can't fuck you up.

S: I'm so fucking cross-faded yo, it hurts.

B: (slurred speech)

Have another 211 dear, it'll make you feel better.

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great, drunk punk's drink of choice.

if everyone's had 3 40's of mickeys and you just showed up, drink a 211 and consider yourself caught up with the group.

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When you have a poop emergency. Like a 911 but a "number 2"

I needed to get to a bathroom I was having a 211

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its another way to say or write BK, or blood killer. B, is the second letter in the alphabet, and k, is the eleventh.

" im a 211 fo' life"

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