40 Glocc

What is 40 Glocc?


40 Clocc is the second member of the G-Unit crip Gang imagined by Spider Locaka Spider Joke based somewhere in Curtis Jackson's garage. He replaces his total lack of talent with numerous YouTube videos threatening the camera man with his gun.

40 Clocc vs. Spider Loc Rap Battle:

Spider Loc: I got a fucking gun !

40 Glocc: Nigga you a bum !

Spider Loc: Last night 50 made me cum !

40 Glocc: Oh yeah ?! Well I fucked Yayo till he was numb !

Spider Loc: Nigga you a trick, suck my dick

40 Glocc (while getting on his knees): all right nigga after all we are G-Unit click !

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