12 Inch

What is 12 Inch?


Vinyl record

Often Promo Copy or EP (Extended Play)

Can perform 33 or 45 rpm

diggin' the 12" crates...


A common example that a male will use to describe the size of his organ of copulation in higher vertebrates. Usually, the subject referring to this term has a maximum penis size of a tic-tac; if he's lucky.

1. I have a twelve inch penis.

2. Suck on my twelve inch penis.

3. That's nothing compared to my twelve inch penis.

4. My twelve inch penis would blow yours out of the water.

See fjeer


when a penis is quit big and lovely

full and Voluptuous

jelle: i can only be friends with people who have big penises

conner: why?

jelle: so i can have some BIG fun

conner: well then mine is a 12 inch

See twelve, inch, big, fun, roar


Wen there is more than enough for any man.

(I iz talkin' about de bannana area)

i am a greasy wog

de women: rob has such a humungous bannana

Rob: Yes i do


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