102.7 Kiis Fm

What is 102.7 Kiis Fm?


Known for destroying any somewhat popular songs by playing them endlessly. Listen to KIIS for more than 3 hours and you'll have a 90% chance of hearing a song more than once, if not multiple times.

Person 1: What the hell is that noise?

Pre-teen girl: OMG, it's kiis and i love ryan seacrest

Person 1: Turn that shit off, bitch

See evil monkey


Known in Chicago as 103.5 Kiss FM, it is a radio station that plays pop, rock, and rap. Mostly pop and rap. They have about twelve songs that they play, which they play constantly. Sometimes they get some good alternative songs, at least a month after they were number one on the countdown. This tends to ruin them and let all the people that would normally never listen to the band act like it's their favorite group. Some examples are Papa Roach and Green Day...

KissFMer: I love this Papa Roach song! I think they're my favorite band! "Scars" is definately my favorite song!

Me: Oh, really? Have you ever heard "Getting Away With Murder?"

KissFMer: What the hell are you talking about?

Me: -.-;


Originally "KIIS 1150AM" when it started back in the 70s, KIIS is known for playing pop/rock/hip hop music for the Los Angeles area. It is owned by Conglom-O (AKA Clear Channel) who clones its logo, sometimes its DJs and all that other stuff in other cities(Chicago 103.5 KISS FM, Cleveland 96.5 KISS FM, Cincinatti KISS 107FM, Denver KISS 95.7, Austin 96.7 KISS FM, Springfield 99.7 KISS FM, 101.9 KISS FM Jonesboro, 104.7 KISS FM Phoenix, 96.1 KISS FM Fort Collins, KISS 95.7 Hartford, 97.9 KISS FM Jacksonville, 98.7 KISS FM Mason City, etc etc etc.) and sues any other broadcast company who uses the name "KISS" on their station (See 92 KISS FM Chicago) for trade mark infringement. Known for playing the same songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Mostly of the hip hop variety.

don't say the word "Kiss" or Clear Channel will sue your ass.


LA's #1 radio hit music station.

I listen to KIIS FM every day.


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