5 Knuckle Shuffle

What is 5 Knuckle Shuffle?


to perform the act of masturbation ie a wank

after watching 'zoey 101', mike went into the bathroom for a quick 5 knuckle shuffle

See five knuckle shuffle, 5 knuckle shuffle, wank, toss, masterbate


to: shake hands with the devil

self pollute

self harm

choke the chicken

releive ones self


Gill: whats wrong Bob? Do you want me to perform fellatio to you again?

Bob: Fuck no, ur teeth grind me bell like a cheese grater, u fukin whore, get out, il have a 5knuckle shuffle instead


The person above me is a perverted dumbfuck sickos; Don't listen to him/her.

5 Knuckle Shuffle is one of WWE Smackdown! Superstar John Cena's signature moves. He does his "You Can't See Me" then runs to the ropes, bounces against them, brushes his soldier then jumps down and punches you right in the face.

Tazz: Ohhh there goes Cena with his "you can't see me!", Cole!

Cole: 5 KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! And the pin...!


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