20 Minute Snooze

What is 20 Minute Snooze?


A young, attractive male has been partying like a mother fucker for the past 2 weeks. The only time he takes off for partying is to go out for a nice big dinner. Then he proceeds to tell everyone that he has gotten only 20 minutes of sleep the past week and he needs his rest. The group then calls his ass out on it and calls him a bull-shitter. Shortly after this, he will end up clubbing for the 15th straight night.

Dis: Yo man I doubt I'm going out tonight

Nasir: Why man it's friday?

Dis: I know man it's a great night for clubbin but I only experiences the 20 minute snooze last night.

Nasir: O dude that blows, u must have had a crazy night of clubbin

Dis: Naw man I hated it and there was an incident so I had to blow off some steam.

See dis, sid, grundfuttock, clubbin, drunk, idiot


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