5 On It

What is 5 On It?


$5 towards the goal of purchasing marijuana

He's buyn a dub sack, i got 5 on it

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two major definitions:

1.) laying down for weed, usually this involves paying $5 out of a Dub sack (20$) but can also be the cost to drop on half of a blunt, or to buy half a dime.

2.) calling 5 minute rule on something.

1.) buying tonight? damn, i got 5 on it then.

2.) don't even try it bitch... see that chair over there? i already got 5 on it.


to pay $5 on a dub sack, listen to The Luniz...

I got 5 on it, grab your 40, let's get keyed

i got 5 on it, fuckin with that indo weed

i got 5 on it, got me stuck and now toke back

i got 5 on it, n**** lets go half on a sack

See i, got, 5, on, it


Five dollars on a sac of marijuana.

I got five on it....


the act of putting 5 dollars in towards purchasing a sack of bud. there are 4 "5 on it"s to a dub, 2 to a dimmy gum sack.

austin always has 5 on it

See herbals, bud, snyder, fatty boom batty


Usually said when purchasing a nick of weed which generally costs $5.

If you've got a nick I've got 5 on it, dawg


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