30 Seconds To Mars

What is 30 Seconds To Mars?


An amazing band headed by Jared Leto, the coolest evAr. They rock out of the universe with their glyphics. Welcome to the Universe.

Jared Leto sings for the band 30 Seconds to Mars, and they are greatzor.


Fucking kick ass band! With an interesting stellar concept of glyphs and cyphers.

Their album will take you on a trip, kick your ass and then bring you back wanting more.

Dude I just saw 30 Seconds to Mars yesterday, they were awesome!

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An American rock band.

Line up: Jared Leto (lead singer, guitar)

Tomo Millicevic (guitar, keyboard)

Matt Wachter (bass)

Shannon Leto (drummer)

Released debut album 30 Seconds to Mars in 2002

Followed up with A Beautiful Lie in 2005

The band are just starting their first headlining tour across America.

Their fan base is known as the Echelon.

They have the coolest glyphs ever!

I've been rocking out to 30 Seconds to Mars all night!

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An American alternative/emo band including:

Jared Leto (vocals, guitar)

Shannon Leto (drums, vocals)

Tomo Millicevic (guitar)

Matt Wachter (bass)

have released 2 albums:

1. self-titled

2. a beautiful lie

fan base= the echelon

4 symbols to represent the band, also, the phoenix, and the skull seal

pretty much the best band ever, with the hottest guys ever as members

30 seconds to mars rocks :)

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A philosophy. A way of life. THE Band.

Members :

-Jared Leto

-Shannon Leto

-Tomo Milicevic

With a STRONG Fanbase (maybe the most dedicated and the craziest, in a good way...) : THE most Disfunctional Family on EARTH! : The ECHELON & The MarsArmy

Keep the world rockin' and Provehito in Altum.

We live, we die, we bleed for our brothers in 30 Seconds to Mars

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An alternative rock band. Many class them as emo, but they're not. Fronted by Jared Leto (hot hot hot), with his brother Shannon on drums and Tomo on guitar.

They have released 2 albums; the self named 30 Seconds To Mars and the second A Beautiful Lie.

This band are sooooooooooo cool. They can be checked out on myspace, face book and bebo.

loves them


30 Seconds To Mars are a great band =]

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Well...this is easy.

The gayest band of all time...

Person 1: hey man, have you heard that new band called 30 Seconds to Mars?

Person 2: Yes! Guess what?

Person 1: What?

Person 2: They are fucking gay!!!!!!!!! You homo go suck their hairless dicks.

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