11 Teener

What is 11 Teener?


An "11 teener" is someone within the age group of 11-13. They have finally matured slightly from the mindsets from ages 8-10. By slightly, I mean they've upgrade jokes about poop and snot to vaginas, and all the girls found something better to talk about; clothes, boys, and that loser girl over there reading a Discovery mag. 11 teeners tend to think they are hot shit, a boast about all their "buds" that are already in highschool. There "buds" babysit them when their parents are out shopping for a new sink.

Some thirteen year olds are actually not 11 teeners, but it can be hard to tell by looking. Generally these thirteen year olds are vastly intrigued by some form of arts, and are somehow enlightened. These thirteen year old are in a sort of limbo, not a 11 teener, definatly not a teeny bopper, but still not a teenager offcially. These can thirteen year olds can be recognized best once getting to know them. They are usually loyal to friends, they keep secrets and don't talk shit about peers. They genrally have decent taste in music. These kids are usually open minded, they are quiet at times when it's appropriate but like to be loud and joke with friends. They are usually well liked amoung all groups, they are friendly and dependable.

However these thirteen year olds are rare. The rest are all strictly 11 teeners. 11 teeners are often referred to as "preps" but this isn't always the case. They can be scenesters, emos, and nerd a like. They talk about sex all the time when they really know nothing of it. Most will never see the opposites sexes genitalia before they become a teenager. But the maturity from a 11 teener to a teenager usually starts a while after entering high school. In this new domain the once 11 teener will start dropping old habits as they begin to realize all the older grades think they're unbearably annoying. Someone who can not seem to mature into a teenager will become ignored by his friends for being embarassing and annoying.

11 teeners: are very closed minded, they say they'll grow up to be some job that makes a lot of money even though they don't know anything about that job, they will lie about drinking coffee to seem older and more respectable, they talk about a party they went to that weekend and how wasted they got even though they never went, they jump from trend to trend ass raping it first then leaving it to bleed from the nose; some respectable teenagers pick up the pieces and improve the 'has been trend'.

The Females: depending on the stratgey they use on males, they come off as either "cute and innocent" or "charming and sexy" (13 limbo-goers tend to be a combination of 'cute and charming') But in any case, the female 11 teener will go to alarming rates to see attractive and sweet. This can be genuine, caused by hormones, but is usually a facade put in place by alternative motives. The males are usually more vulnerable in a relationship then the female, because he might have greater feelings for her while she is likely using him as an acessory. To other females it depends. An important female in the group is indisposable, they likely have something good to contribute to the group. (i.e unlimited texting, good gossip, liked by groups in other schools or rich.) These important females are the leader of a group they tend to stick together in the group, and usually form a trio for a foursome. To them the other members of the group are disposable. These 3-4 girls think they are popular and everyone inside or outside of their group loves them. They are usually very condescending with anyone but each other. Most people hate them, boys, girls and even their own group will talk behind their back. Sometimes they deserve it. The unimportant girls? They are the usually the ones with hobbies that stand in the way of contributing to the group. Such as a sport, a club activity or split loyalities with another group.

The Males: The are not as clique-y as the females. While they do have their "buds", they will not mind hanging out with other peers, as long as they don't have "beef." Fashion is not much of a difficulty for these guys, all their wardrope needs is a few pairs of name brand jeans and t-shirts and they're good to go. They are fucked if they shop at Walmart or GAP. The female peers are relentless, and will bitch about your clothing to you or to each other, or both. They text their girlfriends something terribly generic before they go to bed, and buy them cheap perfume.

How to spot a:

11 teener: their screen name contains werid shit they copied off of character map, they text in the middle of a conversation, they take pictures with their camera phone and upload them to myspace/facebook, they riddle out messages with /'s, &'s and little hearts. <3

13 limbo-goer: they are a decent student; or at least try, they are into art, they genrally like a wide range of music, some might be grungy, while others can be incredibly cute, often wearing things from Forever21 although some do tend to like some name brands. They can be very eco-friendly, and health concsious, they can hold up a decent conversation via text, IM, phone, or in person.

Friend One: Ugh, she's gross.

Friend Two: She thinks her lululemon headband is better than MINE.

Friend Three: What a bitch, why's she in our group?

Friend One: She isn't, not any more.

Friend Two: Her headband is fucking cheap.


Chill Guy Friend 1: Have you hung out with Rose's crew lately?

13 limbo-goer girl: Ahh, no. Too dramatic for me.

Chill Guy Friend 2: Yeah, they're priorities are fucked up, you're much better off with us.

13 limbo-goer girl: Yeah, yeah. I get to play next, you know I'm a fucking ninja at Mariokart.

Chill Guy Friend 1: Sure sure. I'm glad you don't hang with Rose anymore, shes a total 11 teener.

Chill Guy Friend 2: And her annoying friends. Haha.

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