9 To 5

What is 9 To 5?


a job (hours don't have to be 9 to 5).

You work a 9 to 5. You can't get a "hand 9 to 5" or "blow 9 to 5" or "rim 9 to 5". That's just dumb if you say that.

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Hours most people work for a living

Jeff works 9 to 5 so he can make a living

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An extremely hot chick who becomes much less so when she begins to talk, revealing the inner workings (or lack thereof) of her pea sized brain. Not a problem for short term satisfaction but greatly reduces any chance of long-term relationships. A 9 to 5 sometimes shows uncanny knowledge in certain areas, such as the names of Brad and Angelina's kids or the price of designer handbags.

Bob: You see that chick I was talking to - she's smoking hot, but . . .

Ed: But what?

Bob: She thought Dick Cheney was a sort of necklace you wear on your pecker.

Ed: Total 9 to 5. You gonna try to bone her anyway?

Bob: Fuck yeah - I'm gonna show her my Dick Cheney!

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