What is -age?


A suffix added to a word to emphasize it, especially to refer to an abstraction of it. eg. grub (for food) becomes grubbage (the essence or concept of food)

Almost universally transforms to a non-count noun (you get a link cable, or some linkage, but not a linkage)

Yo, let's go score some grubbage, eh?

What kind of linkage do you have between these boxen?


a suffix added to any word in order to make it a noun. also used for an act done in the past.

boob-age? ring-age? what's with all the age-age?

See -ism, boobage, woofage


By adding -age to the ends of random words-age, your vocabulary and knowledge of the English language seem-age to grow-age. Adding -age makes words more fun and original.

Gab: Can you email me the lab-age that I missed tonight?

Dini: Send me some prom pic-age!

See joofy, phwuah phwuah, douche rocket, yo


An slang way of ending various (often one-syllable) different words, to sound cool or relaxed.

"cool-age", "foodage", "'rentage", etc

See coolage, foodage, slang


A suffix, which can be added to almost any word.

Such as "kickage", or "slayage", popularized by Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I think that guy in class deserves much kickage.


suffix randomly attatched to any or all words in a sentence. sometimes coupled with other suffixes, see: -ness, -eith, -(y)kins, -sh

hey, lloydage, im just gonna go out to the shoppage to buy some faggages.

sammage saysage shesage notage cuckooage

See gen


suffix added to almost any word for emphasis. use a LOT by the kids in the Chetto (see cheshire, CT)

that party was sick-age!

See chetto, cheshire, dodd, doolittle, bene


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