What is 17b?


A phrase that means "Kill our Teammates!" Coined after a whiny group of Halo 2 players started putting the blame on the other teammates for the fact they were losing.

TM1: "You guys fucking suck!"

TM2: "Dude, you're the one that is 1-8"

TM1: "That's because none of you n00bs have my back."

TM3: "Bullshit! 17B!"

*TM1 killed by TM3*

TM1: "What the hell was that?"

*TM1 killed by TM2*

TM1: "What the fu.."

*TM1 killed by TM3*

*TM1 leaves the game*

See n00bs, halo 2, noobs, newbs, team killing, teamkilling, halo


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