What is /b/tard?


Someone who browses 4chan's /b/ imageboard.

"I am a true /b/tard."


typically found in 4chan's /b/ random folder

a /b/tard is

1. an elite force of the internet

2. a drop in the all-crushing sea that is anonymous

3. male, racist, virgin, white, 18+ years old, with a cock the size of longcat

'/b/tards unite! We are anonymous! We are legion!'

See /b/, partyvan, fbi, partyvan


One who joins other internet superheroes in the poasting of content on /b/. A true /b/tard knows all the memes of the land and is disgusted by nothing. A true hardened warrior.

7chan, 4chan, iichan, 12chan, that crazy russian /b/. It doesn't matter. We are one. Anonymous does not forgive. Anonymous does not forget. We are legion. We are Anonymous.

"Holy titanic hermaphroditic shitting dick nipples Cock Mongler, I must be a /b/tard."

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A fully oiled part of the Internet Hate Machine

They are domestic terrorists who will blow up your van

Person 1: Shit, looks like the /b/tards are heading your way

Person 2: It's okay, I shut my curtains and bought a dog. You can't get me now, Internet Hate Machine!

See /b/, 4chan, pool, closed, hal turner


/b/tards are witty, intelligent, well adjusted members of society with Honda civics, a mortgage, cats that they don't light on fire and successful careers as lawyers, documentarians, and public officials. They have two lovely children and beautiful wives (because, you see, they are all heteronormative) that they met sitting next to on a flight to fiji.

well, I have been thinking about becoming a /b/tard

See /b/tard, 4chan, retard


One who fulfills both of the following requirements:

1) Browses/posts on the /b/ (Random) board of 4chan

2) Talks and/or thinks in a manner that is consistent with that of the board.

"/b/tard moar liek /b/awwsum kid amirite fokes"



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A constant dweller of the /b/ random image board on 4chan. Constantly have naked attention-seekers on boards, which the response will be "MOAR!" by about the 4th post.

Wins at: Bullying sensitive people on Myspace. Will trivialize a suicide by calling them an heroes.

Loses at: Raids. Most raided sites will be highly butthurt, but due to their memes the raiders will easily be recognized. Simply say they are from 4chan's /b/ board, and they will retreat complaining about the new cancer coming to their board.

Whom they love to bully: Wapanese, Emos

Whom they secretly fear: Newfags, Moralfags

If you don't want to see illegal CP, cover your eyes at their /b/ board.

We are cowards behind a proxy computer and overblown mottos. We are a disorganized legion of half-distracted /b/tards. We do not forgive our parents. We do not forget about what pissed us off. Expect us to kill ourselves from the inside.

See /b/, 4chan, anonymous, wapanese, newfag, moralfag


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