What is 50cent?


Quite possibly the world’s most unintelligent commercial music act.

A low life that calls himself a rapper but only mumbles slow and mind numbing misogynistic, materialistic and unintelligent bullshit over lifeless beats only produced to satisfy the ignorant masses hollow heads as they bob them up and down to this un thought provoking so called "music"

50cent wins MTV awards for "best hip hop", but he doesn’t make hip hop and these awards insult a very expressive culture and genre of music. If it can actually be called "rap" music it is most probably the worst ever written and recorded but liked by the majority because most people are stupid.


A plague on society, I mean rapper, who won't die despite being shot nine times.

Anyone up for a tenth try?


cost of a bag of chips

50 cent for a bag of cheetos? hate or love it G

See ionno


A piece of shit "gangster" rapper who would die of starvation if he had to make money the real way like everyone else. A figurehead of "gangster rap" that has been created by MTV faggots for your viewing pleasure.

A street punk with the intellect of a 12 year old. Not likely to make it to 30, this piece of shit who affiliates himself with Crips and other Gangbangers will soon be forgotten once people catch on that he is a waste of life and stop buying his albums.

Being shot with a 9mm doesn't make him tough - it means he's stupid and lucky - and he probably cried like a little bitch when it happened. Hopefully he and his faggot friends finish their pathetic little lives in Federal Prison or dead on the street from some gang war. He'd last five minutes outside of the ghetto.

50Cent is a little faggot rapper

See J_Smith


A talentless rapper, like most of them are. Millions of people actually BUY this ghetto moron's albums; how intelligent is that? Anyways, he sucks, his music does, and he apparently loves to talk about his getting shot several times. Do we really want to hear about getting shot, much less having it happen to us?

Fuck 50cent! I'll tell you what I think about 50cent; his albums are only WORTH 50 cents!


fucking cockfuck

the worst thing the mudic industry has seen yet...untalented dickhead.

i hav respect for rappers that can actually rap well...like 2pac.

all 50 cent can do its ramble random bullshit 2 pathetic backing tracks.

50 cent has no talent whatsoever


a fucking discrace 2 rap

2pac for life baby!

you heard that new fiddy track? yeah, it's just as shit as the rest


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