What is [chappaqua]?


the richest town in Northern Westchester. Home to JAPs, jews, and maybe 2 black families. The public schools are more like private schools and the houses are bigger than the apartment buildings in NYC. The high school parking lot has nicer cars than all of the facility put together. Little 4-year-old girls are wearing designer clothes from head to toe, let alone high schoolers. All of the guys customize their shoes and buy new pairs every week. Summers are spent at camp and in the hamptons, winters in Aspen and the caribbian. In the 7th and 8th Grade Bar/Bat Mitzvahs take up all of the weekends with more than 150 to go to. Most often than not, only the father works and he brings in more money to take care of 50 other families in the town. All through high school, there are many parties attended where all the kids get wasted and are high. Every girl falls for every guy and is a total whore and slut. No parent cares what their child is doing on a friday and saturday nights, even if they are drinking and getting high. Chappaqua is the most spoiled town in Northern Westchester.

Chappaqua - AKA Jappaqua

See scarsdale, milburn, prep, jap


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