What is 8==d?


a communly used "word" that when typed on a computer screen looks like a penis. extra ='s can be added to elongate the member.

;) looks like a man winking

:) looks like a smiling face

8==D looks like a fat shlong


Clearly, a man with a big nose.

Someone looking up this definition obviously sees it as a penis.

Dude, did you see John and his huge nose the other day?

Yeah man, he looked like this! 8==D

See cock, man, shlong



2. a goggle faced long nose happy face

3. a cod4 clan tag often found in sabotage

1. Ben: Hey check out my penis 8=D!!!

Rob: You are gay and that is a peewee peepee

2. LOL! 8==D

3. 8==D Sk23_Bappy

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