What is /e/?


4chans ecchi board. ecchi means softcore hentai, and that means you will only see girls there. but no yuri, which means lesbians.

if you want to see hot anime girls doing hot things, go there. you will not see girls getting fucked or shit like tentacle hentai there. /e/ is a nice board, you can go there without remorse. and /e/ is a slow board, not many users, so your posts will remain at least 12 hours even if no one replys.

do not ask for pictures there! /e/ is for sharing pictures: you post a lot of content and others post alot too. post and save.

if you need more specific pictures and only have one picture like that. use the /r/ board.

4chan is a really fucked up website with /h/ /u/ and /d/. /e/ however is a nice board.

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