What is [emo]: Masculine And Feminine Forms?


emo;<i> masculine:</i> it is boys who wear womens jeans, sport a backward mullet (aka emo hair)dyed black and question their sexuality whilst litening to any form of emotional (deep or shallow, generally involving heartbreak), tear inducing, heroin shooting (or pretending/appearing to others to do hard drugs), thick glasses and saucony wearing to support the crazy midset of their narcissistic/self loathing (somehow?) selves in order, of course, to get laid by the opposite sex (whilst still questioning, usually outloud, their homosexuality)

emo: <i>feminine</i> girls who have decided that dressing in the female version of the emo boy style will get them some wang of the opposite sex. Female emo people generally have black bobs and short bangs, such as in the French indie film, Amelie and spend their time not crying over emo music, but the emo boy from which they are estranged due to a) drugs b) sexuality issues c) his band d) impotency due to serious depression due to emo music.

Example: Connor Oberst, whilsts still considered indie rock has become poster child for sad boys with the same haircut.


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