What is [high]?


Being high, ahhh I love it. But what is it like you ask? Good question; but first I would like to take the time to tell you (ohhh alliteration to the max) all that Ren and Stimpy is possibly the greatest animated show of the 20th century, but that’s neither here nor there... Being high is a state of mind. Your troubles just fizzle away, you know – i mean i basically got caught by my parents with a bong in my hand – i mean you try and come up with a good excuse when your caught holding a massive bong in your right hand “Oh!, umm i was just holding it for Ted” Tedd: “Fuck that its mine!”. But yea I’m really getting off topic here, to be high is to just float away to a happy place where everything is funny and everything tastes good!! (I’m offcourse referring to muchines for the noobs out there). {Helpful hint #1}: Pancakes taste like that of gods...so yea they taste AMAAAZZING high. Anywho here are some activities I HIGHLY recommend (Pun count:1) you doing: Playing frizbee, playing multiplayer Nintendo console game – preferably Smash Bros. on GameCube, watch American Dad – trust me, you’ll thank me, listen to oldskizzle records (i rekomend The Beatles and Pink Flyod (no...not at the same time retard), bush walking, going to the beach and you must finally play an instrument, bass is the only way, you could BASSically say its the most important instrument in any band (Pun count:2)(Horrible pun count:1). But yea I hope you all enjoyed my ramblings, because as the old saying goes: “I hope you had as much fun reading it, as I did writing it.” Or I could of just made that up...

high, stoned

See stoned, marijuana, weed, cannabis, joint


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