What is /i?


no moron, he wasn't trying to link to another word. he was trying to make the word "course" in italics using html. notice: <i>italics</i> uses the < and > while linking to another word uses square brackets. I'm not sure if urban dictionary allows html in the deffinitions though. the guy just used the wrong brackets, lay off.

in html, put /i in <> to end <i>italics</i>


A mistake that shows up when some one tries to put a link to another word but they don't know how.

see: i


When you are round your friends house and you ask for somehting to eat but they give you some rotten cheese.

You: Man, I'm starving, can i have someone to eat?

Your Friend: Here you go.

(Hands you the cheese)

yOU: Fucking /i!!!


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