What is -igger?


suffix add-on to a prefix to any and all ethnic or national identifications, denoting the person as to think, react, and behave, to the eyes of his/her peers, as assimilar to being black or trying to act black; it could also be said that they would side themselves with their black peers above their own ethnic group or surround themselves with black friends in order to feel being part of their race and lifestyle; there are some that would do this for several reasons, and a good ninety percent of those reasons would be for selfish gain, such as: popularity, getting girls, hide some personality flaw, etc.

pers-igger (persian), ch-igger (asian), w-igger (white), la-gger (latin), indy-igger (indian), ala-igger (middle-eastern), jew-igger (jews), etc.


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