16in. Softball

What is 16in. Softball?


Softball only played on the southside of chicago in which gloves are not used. A new 16in. Softball made by DeBeers must be used. with dual 1st. bases to prevent spiking, the ball is rock hard in the begining and turns into a true "softball" at the end. For which the game of taping a $100 bill to it, setting it on top of a 6in. Sch80 pipe, pounded into the ground with a half stick of tnt in said pipe after it is lit. First person to catch the ball wins the money, also will be the first person to actually catch the damn ball in history. Played just like 12in. softball with 10 players in the field.

Chicago man: Yeah i would like to go bowling , but i got a 16in. softball game in grant park tonight.

Tinley Park man: oh i play sofball too. im in a coed 12in. league with my sister.

Chicago man: I never knew you sucked cock.

See manball, clincher


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