What is -izzle?


see: izzle

Suffix often added following the first consonant of a word to increase the "coolness" of speech. "-izzle" can also be used to replace the last syllable of a word.

How the suffix functions with single syllable words beginning with a vowel (i.e.: up) is unknown.

Origin is said to be from popular African American rapper Snoop Dogg who decided to modify the current English language to increase its ability to convey thoughts, ideas, and expressions.

"Hey Mr. Dogg, open your Christmas present!"

"Oh yeah man, a 300 piece pizzle!"

"Why did you add -izzle to puzzle?"

"Shizzle *up* mizzle fizzle."

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A suffix commonly and rightly used among white people without blacks present to make inadvertent fun of ebonics and to emphasize the ridiculousness of lack of trying in life, ghetto talk, and an overall resistence to education

me: hey Bob, let's get some drinks later huh?

you: for sh-izzle, I will meet you there at 6.

me: Cut out that -izzle shit! YOu actually tried hard in life didn't you?

you: You don't even get the joke! YOu can't even tell when I am poking fun at their kind!


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noun forming suffix - a suffix used to make a verb into a noun, demonstrating the characteristics of that verb. Used most in the forms of shizzle and hizzle. Shizzle when used in connection with the words "for" or "fo" means the english word sure./"Off the hizzle fo shizzle my nizzle!"

Fo' shizzle ma wizzle, this is the plot!


used like pig latin and attached to the end of words. Popularized by Snoop Dogg.

Fo Shizzle my nizzle= For sho my N****


A suffix normally added to words after removing the last letter. It does not change the general definition. Commonly used by black people and Snoop Dogg.

"Fo' shizzle (show), my nizzle (nigga)!"


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