What is 2k?


The most painful & stressful period of minutes where a rower places oneself on the erg and is determined to finish in the lowest time possible. A rower pulls the distance of 2000 kilometers, hence the name 2k.Extreme amounts of water must be consumed before the painful experience to hydrate the mussels. Talk about lactic acid, your body is full of it and crying out for help. During this time period, you will cry, scream, sweat, and be full of pain. However, the dreaded 2k may determine your seating position, so there is no time for slacking.

COACH: we will have a 2k test on friday

See cry, painful, rower, death, kill


The most accurate test of human strength and endurance-halfway between a sprint and a long distance piece: a 2000 meter row. This way, your lungs are starved for oxegen, and your mucles burn too.

Timmy was hauled away on a stretcher after his latest 2k.

See pain, heaven, death, torture


Possibly one of the most evil and physically demanding activities that an athlete can ever be forced to attempt. 2000 meters rowed either on the water or on an erg.

After learning that they had a 2k the next day, the entire team was thinking, "Awww, shit."

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