What is [kp]?



(1)stands for king pussy

(2)someone who is self-centered and thinks they are always right.

(3)arrogant person,who is spoilt.

(4)for those who watch zombie movies a kp is the guy that always makes a fuss,whiny whould let his group die to save his hide.

(5)most af the time a kp is a nerd yho tries to fit in. he fails.

(1)man Ben is such a kp talks abt how good he is at halo3 yet he got owned by my younger bro.

(2)person1:hey do you know how to do this question?

person2:moron its so easy.

person1:so how do you do it?

person2:u should umm err

person1;u dont know how to do it do you

person2:shut up man. u suck.(classic kp)

(3)hey mike i will kill you!u will see my mom then youll be sorry.u will pay for telling the whole class that i wrote the wrong answers for that test!(sniff)

me:bring it on kp!

See gay, moron, idiot, crybaby, arrogant


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