What is 74m3?


74m3 (lame) Of 733t (leet, elite) derivation, and common to 733t culture (see also, 733t, f00, pwn, w00t).

Adj. Lame. Cheap. Poorly contrived, or poorly constructed. Useless. Pitiable. Fails to instill p#33r (fear).

Also, 74m3r: n. A person who is 74m3, pitiable, pathetic, weak, or stupid.

74m3 Ex: d00d, t#4t 83 t34 74m35t 53it1 (My friend, that is the stupidest thing I have ever seen.)

j00r 74m3, 4nd j00 h4v3 n0 5k1772, f001 (You are foolish and weak. You have no talents or skills. I pity you.)

m1 b0x i5 74m3. (My computer is cheap and innefficient, and I wish to use a better one.)

74m3r Ex. j00 74m3r f001 (You are stupid, and annoying to others. You should leave.)

d00d 1 pwn20r3d j00r 74m3r 4551 (You are skilless and I have defeated and humiliated you.)

w00t1 t34 74m3r5 4r3 90n31 (Finally, the simpletons have left, and I can enjoy some peace and quiet.)


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