What is .n/?


.n/ is the almighty power higher than anything and can not be compared to anything in the world. .n/ is the most famous 'thing' of all time.

.n/ if everything we know today, it is the basis of everything. Scientists ponder, wondering how the universe was created. The spark that caused the 'Big Bang' was in fact .n/. .n/ spread throughout, creating space, matter, time and energy. Most importantly to us, .n/ created Earth.

In day to day life we are surrounded by the greatness of .n/. When you eat a grape, you are eating .n/. When you kiss that girl next to you, you are kissing .n/. When you pleasure yourself, you pleasure .n/.

.n/ is also the basis to all religions. Some may think Genesis is the first book to the Bible, but most are mistaken, for the first book to the Bible is .n/. It speaks of the creation of God. Through God, .n/ created all as we know today. When you attend Church, you are attending a gathering dedicated to .n/.

.n/ has also made famous appearances in the world. For example there is the Eiffel .n/, The Leaning Tower of .n/, the clock: Big .n/, The .n/ Opera House and The .n/ Harbor Bride and the Statue of .n/ in America.

Other things about .n/:

• .n/ Potter Series

• The .n/ of the Rings

• .n/ the Kangaroo

• Sale of the .n/

• Deal or .n/

• .n/ hard 1, 2, 3, 4

• The Chronicles of .n/

• Pearl .n/

• .n/ Jones Series

• Mad .n/ series

• .n/ Bond series

• The .n/ Code

• The Stig is actually .n/

• Chuck Norris fears .n/


.n/: Ah, Ah no, ah no, I'm .n/'ed bro.... I'm .n/'ed as.

.n/: Hey Bro

.n/: Oh, Hey Bro

.n/: What are you doing bro?

.n/: Dude, I'm .n/'ed as

.n/: Oh Sh*t! You're .n/'ed as!

.n/: Tell me something i don't know.


./n: Want a chip bro?


See .n/, god, everything, nothing, n


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