What is 4odian?


A sad person that spends all day on their computer watching 4oD rather than watching the programs on channel 4 when they are first on air, instead they them a day later and they insist on doing this; therefore they are permanently behind, causing them to watch the shows on 4oD.

Normal person 1: You wanna ask Dave if wants to come and watch Skins with us tonight?

Normal person 2: Nah he won't bother he's probably watching Peep Show tonight.

Normal Person 1: How?? It's not even on tonight.

Normal Person 2: On 4oD. He's addicted. He told me he watched the whole series of The IT Crowd last night. It's so sad.

Normal Person 1: Jesus...

Normal Person 2: Yeh he's a complete 4oDian.

See four, demand, channel, 4


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