3rd Place Mcgee

What is 3rd Place Mcgee?


In the game Gears of War 2, if you are in third place in a multiplayer match or horde, you are dubbed 3rd Place McGee. 3rd Place McGee is the most dangerous player because he is not in the top two or bottom two. It is better to be in last place than 3rd. When you are 3rd Place McGee, expect to be made fun of, a lot. No one wants to be 3rd Place McGee.

xNJDx REDRUM, Nivek91, xNJDx GNASHER (simultaneously):

Holy crap! Look whose 3rd Place McGee!

Dante445: Aww guys! Cmon!

xNJDx REDRUM, Nivek91, xNJDx GNASHER (simultaneously):

HAHAHAHAHAH, You're poopy!

See noob, loser


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