What is //roll?


The text command to roll the dice in an AIM chatroom.

Once entered the default two, 6 sided virtual dice will be 'thrown' and your roll will be displayed within the chatroom.

You can also add arguements to //roll like //roll-dice15-sides999 to roll 15 dice with 999 sides.

//roll Can be used as a game or to annoy other chatroom users.

JimFear: //roll

OnlineHost: JimFear rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 6

JimFear: //roll-dice3-sides999

OnlineHost: JimFear rolled 3 999-sided dice: 587 671 18

JimFear: //roll-dice1-sides2

OnlineHost: JimFear rolled 1 2-sided die: 2

ChatRoomGuy1: STOP DAT SHIT!!!11!!1!!

See dice, rolling dice, aol, chatroom, aim


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