What is 84s?


Wire rims with 30 spokes sold as an upgrade on a 1984 cadillac. The center hub pokes out 8 inches sideways from the outside of the rim. Commonly used by high profile coke dealers on the grind as a status symbol, because of their distinctive appearance, and because 84 refers to 3 ounces(84 grams). 83s are also popular in this context (only difference is they poke out less) and the number 83 refers to 1/12th of a kilo of coke, a common unit of measurement (83.33333 grams) for sale ($1500-2000+)

He rolled up on 84s and I knew he was pushin that yayo.

See 84s, 84's, coke


Old school 1984 rims that are still popular--mainly in southern states.

"I got 84s poking out, at the club I'm showing out."


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