What is /s/?


4chan's "Sexy Beautiful Women" image board. Possibly the greatest place for a man (or lesbian) to be.

You can find almost ANY picture of sexy women, to almost underage to swim suits to even the (boring) beautiful face threads. I mean this from the bottom of my manly soul, they have the SEXIEST pictures here. It may take a little bit of searching to match your tastes, but it is MORE than worth it. I mean it when I say I've never faped so much in my entire life.

I'm basically a newfag to 4chan, but from what I've seen it has a fast post rate. Unlike other boards, 4 out of 5 times you will go in and come out very satisfied. Hardly any disturbing images from what I've seen.

I think the best things on the board are the high concentration of amateur pics (good for those who are tired of fake pornstar pics) and the huge, high definition pics for that high quality fapping experience. And hey, if the thumbnail doesn't look good, then you don't have to click it.

So if you don't want to pay a subscription to some expensive porn site but still want a huge variety of sexy pics of women, hop on over to /s/. Lurkers and regulars alike LOVE it and I have to admit most of the women on here are GORGEOUS.

A browser of /s/ is called an /s/perv. HOORAY FOR /S/PERVS!

Well... really, there is no such example of /s/. You have to witness it for yourself.

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instant messenger speak used to indicate sarcasm.

-Ray was super cool last night. /s/

-yeah, he was being a total douche.

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