What is 00's?


The time period forever remembered as being dominated by rap/r&b and emo music, baggy clothing and tight jeans respectively.

Also the time of myspace and internet mainly blowing up.

In 10 years, be ready to see some VH1 "Remember the 00's" episodes

the 70's had the hippies

the 80's had the rock

the 90's uhhhh, angst?

and the 00's, you guess

See 70's, 80's, 90's, rap, emo


Two zeroes that represent a pair of tits or an ass, both which are the most prominent features that men of taste see in fit and attractive women.

"Hey did you get this month's new issue of Playboy magazine? The new candidates for this year's Playmate of the Year are pretty damn smokin.'"

"Hell yeah man! Those ladies do really put the 00's in 2005!"

" Word on the street."

Mark H. Since February 2004.


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