What is 00s?


The decade following the 1990s, currently in progress, and on course to becoming one of the worst, most meaningless and culturally empty decades in American history.

I'm so glad I graduated from high school in the 1990s and not the 00s.

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Basically the 1990s, but more commercialized, with much better technology and more conflict.

The decade of the hipster, indie rock, veganism, gay acceptance, and going "green".

The decade of the reality show, crappy television, the death of MTV, and the rise of emo.

The decade of constant crisis, which led to the crappiness that defines the 24-hour news network.

The decade when we all realized that our entire lives depended on the internet.

(alt) The bastard child of 1980s fashion and 1990s ideas

2000s- Let's take all that's great from the 90s, commercialize it, and market it to everyone!

2000s- Let's take all that's great from the 90s, commericalize it, and market it to everyone!

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