What is [sabrina]?


SABRINAAA. she knows how to express herself more to her audience than actually to a coward of people. she is very artistic, creative and sets new trends for others. many people can be intimidated by her but once you get to know you'll find that she is actually a person with a HUGE heart. winning her over is probably a smart choice. you may get easily attached to such a person because she does have a gooey center. she knows easily from the beginning what she wants to in life. despite her wanting to be independent on people, she yearns to sometimes to dependant on someone. very outgoing and a very sexy temper - that might scare the shit of you sometimes. a trend setter and a good one. the " new " generation.

" oh my god, she totally pulled off a sabrinatoday with that new style ! "

See sabrina, sabs, witch


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