What is /sarc?


When written at the end of a comment, "/sarc" indicates that the writer has been in "sarcastic mode," informing the readers not to take the comment seriously.

The term is a parody of HTML codes, in which one exits a text format by putting a slash in front of the style type. Thus, to stop text from being bold, one would code "/b"; so (humorously) to exit a comment that has been sarcastic, one writes "/sarc."


"The Islamic oppression in Darfur is getting worse, and the United Nations is more useless than tits on a nun. It infuriates me that the U.S. tolerates the constant undercurrent of anti-American rubbish and lies.

Honestly, of all the things that the U.N. has done, or has attempted to do, how many of them have turned out well?

It's all a load of socialist utopian claptrap and they need to move to Geneva!"

posted by: Shepherd Book


"Well, you can't spell 'UNNECESSARY' without U-N."

posted by: Capt. Malcolm Reynolds


"The only reason that the U.N. is completely ineffective is due to a lack of funding.

As the world's lone superpower, America is morally obligated to donate at least 30 percent of our GDP to help make the world a better place. That kind of cash infusion would also help increase the General Assembly's budget for drugs and hookers.

Give peace a chance."


posted by: River Tam


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