What is 1s1k?



A group of people's' that cheat but suck at it. and dont allow better players that dont cheat to be in there servers. thus they ban people on a daily basis.

Also a break of, what was known as the "WYD" squad, 1s1k (one shot one kill) is there motto... they are a family server, untill there cheats are no good. then they just suck.

they are a bunch of liars, that think they are gods, and just about every other squad hates them. you can say they are the loner looser group of the nova gaming community.

2's.... did you see that?!?! they banned me???

Iso... what? why???

2's... cuz i killed them.

Iso... what you mean like... 50 times or what?

2's... just once!

Iso... really wow...

2's... then after me they banned everyone else even you... they said you were a cheat... even tho you werent there.

Iso... 1s1k are all bitches...

2's... yup.

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1S1K or 1 SHOT 1 KILL is commonly used by snipers or to describe the actions of a good sniper......

It is also the tag used by a few gaming clans including 1S1KCLAN / 1S1K etc

That was a "1s1k" to describe a kill

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