What is 'splodinites?


'splodinites are followers of The Church of 'splodinity. They are proponents of or believers in this higher force or entity.

Derived from 'splode.

"To explode".

See also: 'splodite, 'sploder, 'splodinology, 'splodinity, 'splodinites, The Great 'sploder, anti-'splodinity, The 'splodin Delusion, 'splodinia, 'splodinopolis, Sammy 'sploder, Sally 'sploder, The 'splodin vote

"I'm such a 'splodinite I have a sticker on my car that says 'splodinite pride"


"Yeah. With a little exploding fish next to it."

"You 'splodinites sure love your 'splosions"

See splode, sploder, explode, explosion


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