1st Base

What is 1st Base?


To make out or French kiss.

After I got to first base with Jess, i found her gum in my mouth.

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1st base is of course what everybody start's out with ..... It's just pretty much "Making out" Now making out is very passionite and everybody reading this I know enjoy's it (Unless you havn't gotton to 1st base yet but there is nothing wrong with that it's harder for some people to work up the courage to even ask somebody out) Now making out you want to start out slow nothing extremely serious so wait about 2 minute's to start getting really into it so when you really start getting into put some pressure on it push against each other's lips harder not to hard but hard enough to know that there is somebody there and now that you start doing that you might start to want more so maybe open your mouth a little bit (don't tounge yet) Open your mouth and actually feel them breathe dot that for a while and now that you have done that now it's time to start frenching (useing tounge) Move you tounge into there mouth not too far yet maybe too when you start feeling there teeth (But if you do this and they don't return the favor stop and wait till she/he is ready for that) But if they are then when you move your tounge out and move it back in go farther and the more you go just go farther not to choke them with your tounge but just let them know that you want it and you know as this progress's it will get more passionite and then you will have to wait and see what happen's ;) Oh and before I forget when you start to tounge you may have some saliva from both of you but just live thru it, it doesn't matter it's actually some what enjoyable

I got to 1st base with my girlfriend last night at the movie's

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french kiss or make out

i got to 1st base with a hott chick at the movies

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To french kiss.kiss

I finally got to first base with my boyfriend

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to kiss/make out/french kiss

i only got to fist base last night

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making out

Elizabeth's mom walked in on her andher boyfriend making out on the couch


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