What is 8th?


3.5 grams of bud 20 to 50 dollars depending on quality

I'm so fucking poor i had to buy an 8th of fucking swiggity.

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Usually refers to an eight on an ounce. Used commonly when talking about drugs, especially Marijuana. Equals our to around 3.5 grams

Price range (East Coast):

Chron- $50 and eight.

Dank- $40

Mids- $30-35

Shwag- $20

Person1: You want to throw down later?

Person2: How much you got?

Person1: About an 8th

Person2: Offf?

Person1: It's mids.... but i got it for a deal


Basically an 8th is 3.5g, if you want to be exact but obviously it depends on you dealer and whether you get mugged off or get a good deal.

It's 3.5g because an 1 oz. = 28 grams.

28 divided by 8 = 3.5 grams.

Over here an 8th of bud is 20quid.

or an 8th of solid(hash) 10quid.

'Get us an 8th, i only got 20'

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Usually used to measure drugs, specifically weed, the exact amount of an 8th in grams is 3.54369039 but usually rounded to 3.5g

An 8th is one eighth of an ounce. So 1oz / 8:

1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams

28.3495231 / 8 = 3.54369039

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eighth of an ounce, $25-$30(even for good shit), whoever paying 50 is gettin ripped the fuck off

yo can I swang down there an pick up an 8th

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half quarter-in canada mid range herb is around 25 dollers.

although canasians do not often ust 8th when talking about weed.

"you have an 8th"

"an 8th ill do eh"

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Well in canada its called a half quarter which is 3.5 grams and it will cost you $30. One last thing man you yanks have to pay a lot for weed

person1: can i get a half quarter (8th)

person2: that will be 30 bucks

person1: iight here ya go, thanks

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