100th Base

What is 100th Base?


To have sexual intercourse with an entire zoo, the zoo keepers, the vistors, tourists and even the local wildlife that isnt part of the zoo.

Guy 1:"I scored 100th base when I fucked a giraffe,

elephant, zebra,llama, anaconda, gorilla, flamingo, lion, stick insect, panda, rhino, tiger, twenty zoo keepers and 500 random strangers!

Guy 2:...Get out.

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To gather 217 viagras, wash them all down at once using a gallon of titty residue suckled from Ukrainian prostitutes. And then run dick first through walls of buildings bringing each one to the ground until you reach lake Ontario where you have sex with a majestic mermaid non-stop for 8 days.

"I totally got to 100th Base the other day"

"JESUS CHRIST! How the hell did you have sex with a mermaid"

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