21th Base

What is 21th Base?


When idiots or little kids try attempting to look up bases only to find that 21th isin't even a word.

*Incase you haven't figured, the correct word is 21st Base and theres no such fucking thing*

14 Year Old Boy: OMG OMG I'm so horny from reading these bases especially the Goat Sex 19th Base or whatever the hell it is.

<Types in 21th Base>

Oh...wait....21th isin't even a word I'm fucking stupid.

See base, grammar, idiot


when 2 guys fuck 1 girl, one in each of her nostril

look at that cum thats sliding down...o never mind thats her snot-21th base

See 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 16


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