26th Base

What is 26th Base?


Umm...right, well I figured that at one point there was no 15th base, 18th base, or even any angry 21th base, not at least until someone reached the end of the base line, like I have tonight, and proceeded to continue the base's history. So I will add the 26th base in the hope that it is not the last base this world will ever know.

Now I have always been taught that what a man, a midget, a donkey, two Rodians, a zealot, Captian Jean Luke Picard, a Fi'ty cent, a drunken slovakian miner, a drunken slovakian minor, an instance when Pauly Shore was a good actor, and what the hell why not throw in a woman or two, what ever it is they did one night in the great state of Detroit, is ther own business, but that my friends, THAT, if you ever accomplish the same, is a visit round the 26th base.

Captian Lt. Awesomebadass(me):So what did you think of my 26th base definition?

Dumbass buzzkill (some jerk-off who sits next to me in lab):Uhh thats pretty stupid dude, and where the hell is someone supposed to find a Rodian, what the fuck is a zealot, and by the way, those are some long ass run-ons, you ought to be ashamed.

Captian Lt. Awesomebadass(me):I'll show you, I'll just edit your ass right out of the definition.

See 26th base, pi


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