816th Crg

What is 816th Crg?


AKA- The Black Hole, Part of the CRW at McGuire AFB. Meaning-816th Contingency Response Group, The name implies deploying and going TDY, but it couldn't be further from the truth. The farthest an 816th member will "deploy" is down the street to the 305th port or sometimes 20 whole miles to Lakehurst Naval Air Station, Moral is low but the oppurtunity to be part of an exercise every month is high, Members are highly skilled at building tents and packing for TDYS they THOUGHT they were on

"Dude, I just spent 4 years at the Burlington County Prison. Totally sucked ass. But still was better than my 2 years in the 816th CRG. Smoking pot and getting caught there was the greatest decision I ever made!"

See black hole, the suck


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