6th Grade

What is 6th Grade?


6th Grade is where you learn all the shit you have already learned in Elementary school. 6th Grade is a fucking waste of time. Teachers are fucking cunts, and it is a place where there is no freedom because of a Cunt Licking Asshole called the "Principal". School only teaches kids to care about what other people think of them.

Teacher : Jake, what is 3 + X if X = 2?

Jake: We learned this in Elementary school, you fucktard.

Teacher: Excuse me? That is a Detention!

Jake: Fuck you you fucking cunt licking asshole. Suck my dick, you peice of worthless shit. Fuck 6th Grade.

Teaher: (Speechless)

See prison, jail, cunt, ass, teachers


used as a come back to any imature joke

I fucked your mom

ohhh 6th grade


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