49th Street

What is 49th Street?


49th Street is a street in the Times Square neighborhood of downtown New York. It has now been cleaned up, but back in the 1970s, it was quite a messed up neighborhood. The corner of 49th street and 8th Avenue was known for its many porn theaters, which showed the iconic 1972 movie Deep Throat, among others.

I have a style of outfits which I call "CBGBs crossed with 49th Street." It's basically Blondie-punk-style outfits but with the tops a little tighter or cut a little lower, and the skirts are quite short. Some of the great combinations they include are silver platform shoes and fishnet ponchos with long lace-and-satin tank tops and punk rock dog collars and spiked cuffs. It's my tribute to the "I don't give a fuck and I express my sexuality however I want to" spirit of that era. It does NOT = "looking like a porn star" (that'd be one conservative porn star!). It = being sexy on my own terms.

When I use "49th Street" as an adjective, I mean "bad-ass, hardcore, rebellious, defiant".

Today, I wore a black pin-striped mini-skirt, a black asymmetric top with see-thru slit sleeves, fishnets with silver platforms, and a leather collar with chains. That was a pure 49th Street look.

Me- "I like to dress like I'm from 1970s NYC sometimes"

Moron- "Oh, you mean like 5th Ave with all the designers and stuff?"

Me- "No, I mean like 49th Street, that whole punk and porn explosion"

Moron- *runs*

God, I love that song...so raw, so 49th Street.


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