What is 2true?


2true is an internet forum for Australian Graffiti.

If you were thinking that 90% of graffiti artists were too stupid to correctly use a computer let alone the internet, you were correct.

2true is a total cesspool. Whenever people post pictures the forum tables are deformed since they are too unintelligent to acquire a program capable of resizing the pictures they get off their digital cameras ( or even work out the software for them. )

In saying this, Graffiti is great, and not all graffers are stupid. Just the majority.

90% of the topics on 2true are simply insult slinging and penis comparing. Common putdowns include ( but are not limited to ) toy, gronk and burke.

2true is worth avoiding.

"Yo, I heard you were startin' shit on 2true. You fuckin' gronk"

"Shutup lad, that's all 2true is!"


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