What is :x?


Used when someone has nothing to say/doesn't want to reply. Also used when someone has a comment, but doesn't want to say anything.

noob: ne hott guyz press 31 2 tlk!!

me: :x



It's a shorthand text smiley for "my lips are sealed."

Person #1: I'll tell you the plan, but do not tell ANYBODY else.

Person #2: :x


Someone trying not to puke.

I think i'm going to be sick :x

See :-x, puke


It simply resembles a kissing face. The semicolon represents the eyes, and the X represents the lips. Its just a cute little kissy face.

Nick: Hey beutiful gorgeous.

Me: Aww arent you sweet.

Nick: You're sweeter love. :X

Me: :X

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sending someone a kiss

eddie: I love you.

Aoann: I love you too. :X

See love, kiss, hug, heart, someone


To have an asshole for a mouth.

<Klingon> :x Fuck me in the mouthen!


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